Electronic industry event review: MEMS sensor usher in development opportunities


In the third global sensor Summit Forum and the Chinese Internet of things application summit, the Ministry of electronics, the Department of electronics division director Ren Aiguang, said the Department of electronics, the Ministry is working on the development of the sensor planning, will soon be released.

The national integrated circuit industry investment fund (big fund) general manager Ding Wenwu also said that large funds will support the development of the Internet of things, focusing on investment sensors, 

MEMS sensors and other fields.

Reaffirming the logic of the MEMS sensor as the basic hardware of the intelligent era.

Sensors will be the era of intelligent sensing the most basic hardware, and now the process of intelligent acceleration, any connected intelligent terminal nodes are separated from the MEMS sensor. With the continuous development of the field of sensor applications, the sensor market will continue to maintain high growth, especially wearable devices, automotive electronics, medical, Internet of things will become the main growth point of the MEMS sensor.

Global MEMS sensor market space.

Currently consumer electronics is still the largest application of MEMS sensors in the field, IHS is expected in 2018 will reach 13 billion U.S. dollars, the annual compound growth rate of about 14%. Segments of the market, medical, automotive, microphone, smart home will be the fastest growing areas of the future. At the same time due to the decline in the price of sensor products, MEMS sensor penetration will be further enhanced, the global market growth rate is expected to be around 8% of the overall market growth rate of MEMS. We compare the 2014 and 2015 top thirty companies ranked lowest in sales data, found that the growth rate of more than 14%, which means that the MEMS sensor is still a high-speed growth of the industry.

Domestic current situation of MEMS sensor.

At present our country sensor industry has basically formed a complete industrial system, but the gap with foreign sensor industry is still large, high technology, digitization, miniaturization of products is obviously insufficient, technical and technological aspects of the core there is a gap, from upstream and downstream packaging design, manufacturing and other fields of domestic alternative space is huge, we believe that with the future the issuance of policy, China will continue to strengthen the independent research and development and acquisitions and mergers, improve the manufacturing capability.

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