Photoelectron industry upgrade from the


Multi factor overlay driven optical communications business continued, although China is industrial chain is extremely uneven. Optical communication has become a pillar of the modern communication industry, traffic burst, optical fiber to the user, data centers, 4.5G/5G and other factors superimposed, the industry boom continues. But the development of the industrial chain is very uneven, in 2015 China is fiber production capacity accounted for 55% of global optical network equipment accounted for more than 45%, but the upstream optical devices, modules accounted for less than 10%, and concentrated in the low-end, high-end chip devices and lack of exposure of domestic telecommunication industry short board.

The rapid growth of the demand for optical module, the ability to become a control chip. Optical modules are widely used in communication and data communication, data centers and 5G to become the main driving force for the next 3-5 years. Light chip occupies the main part of the value chain of the optical module, the high-end optical modules in the chip accounting for up to 70%, the chip capability determines the industry chain position and profitability. China is high-end light chip subject preparation, the short distance light 10G chip has been mature, but the long distance 10G/25G optical chip has yet to break through.

Silicon photonics technology lead to change in the electronic industry, is the future of integrated circuits and optoelectronic integration. With the development of micro processing chip by a single core and single thread to the on-chip multi-core network system, optical interconnection instead of electrical interconnection has become the trend, which greatly reduced the information transmission time in between devices to silicon photonic technology, and greatly improve the transmission rate. While the optoelectronic chip can be a substantial cost savings through silicon photonics technology, we expect the silicon photonics market is expected to usher in the outbreak in 2018.

The high-end optical chip I optical communication "Achilles heel", industrial upgrading is imperative. The lack of high-end chips so that our main equipment is external dependence is serious, while ZTE and HUAWEI in the United States frequently the supply chain risk surfaced.

We judge, subsequent benefit policy and industrial fund support, equipment is vertical integration layout, and optical device / chip companies to increase R & D and extension layout, industrial upgrading and import substitution will bring multiple growth space.


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